The Deeper Meaning of Steep Love

The Deeper Meaning of Steep Love

"Steep Love" is more than a tagline. It is our lifestyle. At Tumalo Tea, we value love as the highest human virtue and greatest benefit we can bring. So we propagate love into every cuppa tea. Love brought us to the Garden. And so we plant seeds of Love so that they will grow into something beautiful and beneficial to the soil from which we came. 

I grew up on Mt Bachelor when the "summit" and "outback" were only dreams, the Red Chair was the farthest reach and you had to drive through the middle of Bend to get there.

Oregon is home. The word "Oregon" means "the farthest reaches" and so we reach.

We reach for goodness.

We reach for hope.

We reach for better.

We reach for each other.

We reach for love.

Drink it in.

Steep Love.

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